Gluten free pizza at Prezzo

First the website: really easy to view the gluten-free menu in its’ entirety ( though I realised when I ordered that not all options are available in every restaurant. There was also an option to view the Lactose free options, but since there were only 2 on the whole menu, it was a waste of time!

It wasn’t obvious how to actually order the gluten-free option at first, as all references to gf were missing from the initial pages of the ordering process, but found it after a bit of persistence…(if you’re listening Prezzo you need to look at your gf customer journey!) The other issue was that once I placed my order online, I couldn’t apply my Spring discount voucher to take-away. But 30 minutes later I picked up my pizza, which this time was very thin, smaller than the Zizzi pizza, and relatively light on the topping.

There was a nice wide crispy edge so I could pick it up easily and eat it with my fingers, and no soggy bottom. The base didn’t taste good, although it was crispy, it was very dry and had that odd slightly metallic after-taste that a lot of cheaper gluten-free products have. I wouldn’t have eaten the base on its’s own without the topping, as the base was extremely dry, so difficult to eat, and didn’t seem to absorb the flavour from the topping very well. In the end I left all the edges.

The toppings however were very strongly flavoured – the caramelised onion was very strong and sweet and the tomato passatta on the base was also incredibly sweet and peppery and the combination was too much for me. So together with the dry base, it wasn’t one of my favourite pizzas.

Overall my ratings were:

Base – 2 out of 5 for being too dry to eat on it’s own

Flavour – 2 out of 5 for having the classic gf aftertaste base,

Toppings – 3 out of 5, slightly mean compared to other pizzas & very strong flavours

Choice – 4 out of 5 for making most of the pizza menu available with a gf base

Menu / website – 3 out of 5 for having a dedicated gf menu, but not so easy to order online

Overall 2.5 out of 5 – available nationally,  very thin and crispy but too dry and not a good flavour.

What’s your experiences of the Prezzo gf pizza?


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