Perfect jeans for a Spoon figure… yes they do exist at New Look!!

Jeans…we live in them most of the year, practical, trendy, good for any occasion, a wardrobe staple, I love them!  But if like me you’ve got a Spoon-shaped figure, finding the right ones that fit, flatter and feel comfortable can be a nightmare.

First things first what is a Spoon figure?  Also called a Figure 8, and often confused with a Pear shape, we are curvy, have a defined waist, slim legs and arms, and high wide hips that flair out like a shelf directly from just below our waist, like a spoon.  Pear shapes on the other hand tend to have lower hips, heavier thighs and legs as well and have smaller boobs than hips.

The problem is getting jeans to fit our generous hips and still fit our small waists, be long enough in the body to be comfortable and slim enough on the leg to flatter!  We tend to have a long torso in comparison with our legs, so need a much higher rise to fit us comfortably, so out of the window go all those trendy, low slung jeans that will just either fall down on us, or look deeply unflattering.

In the past I’ve resorted to Tall jean ranges just to get the length I need in the body, but the legs have been too long for me, and been straight up and down, causing muffin tops.

So what’s the answer?  High waist, high-rise, skinny jeans with a curved waist shape. I’ve found some brilliant jeans at a really good price at New Look – the good news is there are now 2 types that work well on our shape at New Look – one is Hallie – a very skinny jean with a high rise, plain front, back pockets.  But even better is the new Yazmin – more tailored than Hallie, it has a high defined, curved waist, a high rise, has front pockets, has slim legs and lots of lycra.  There are 4 buttons that do up to the waist-band so easily accommodates our hips, but tapers in to show off that small waist.

I’m a size 16 and due to stretchiness of the fabric a size 14 or 16 both fit, you should try both to see which feels most comfortable, but bear in mind that they do stretch after just a few hours of wear, so if you like a tailored but not too tight fit, get the ones that fit well as soon as you try them on, otherwise go down a size.

The other great thing about New Look is that you can get exactly the length you need to suit your height. Yazmin is available in both Petite and in a range of leg lengths from 28 to 34″. At 5′ 8 I’m fairly tall, so went for the 32″ versions which left me room to turn over the hems for this season’s Spring / Summer look with sneakers / trainers.

Yazmin is available in black, white, dark blue, mid blue, light blue wash, mid-grey all at £24.00 and available on their website if you can’t find exactly what you want in your local store:

Enjoy and let me know if you’ve found other stores that work well for your gorgeous Spoon shape….x


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