Gluten-free Brownie at Starbucks

Needed something sweet and naughty yesterday after salsa’ing the night away at the last ever Cuban Jam in Camden with Alistair (very sad)…..we’ve been there a lot over the last 18 months, and had many a happy night grooving to the best live Latin music in London, eating at their lovely Cantina and enjoying the tasty cocktails, so will miss it and the lovely staff there…….(if anyone’s listening out there, we’d love the Cuban Jam to carry on somewhere else).

Anyway back to the food, after all that I needed some some chocolate, so headed to Starbucks round the corner and picked up a gluten free brownie, and chilled out and indulged in some people watching in the market place outside.

The brownie was soft and fudgy like a good brownie should be, and didn’t taste gluten-free.  The  top is crumbly with a nice crust, and it’s rich and sweet but not sickly.  It’s a reasonable size, though the richness is satisfying so you don’t actually want more.

The brownie went really well with my favourite, a Chai Latte with Almond Milk, which has ginger, cinnamon and no caffeine.  It’s also dairy free so it’s the perfect pick me up.

What’s your favourite gluten-free brownie out there?  Let me know…


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