Gluten-free breakfast at Starbucks

Gluten free breakfast at Starbucks┬áthis morning: I couldn’t be bothered to cook and was feeling uninspired, so decided to try the new Hot Box range. I chose the Scrambled eggs box with spinach and roast tomatoes, as it was gluten free, high in protein, and no peppers. This range of Hot Boxes is new to Starbucks, and there is a range for both breakfast and lunch, though you could have them any time.

It was pretty tasty, though there was some water from being re-heated, but the fresh spinach was really generous, the roasted tomato was tasty and the topping of brown linseed and sunflower seeds made me feel virtuous! It was a generous portion for the money, tho not dairy free. Coupled with an almond milk Chai Latte, made for a super-tasty treat.

The good thing about it, is there’s usually a Starbucks nearby wherever you are, enjoy!

Have you tried the new Hot Boxes? ┬áLet me know what you think of them….



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